How ironic is this new cushion foundation from Etude House claiming 
this is a 'REAL POWDER' cushion!
I was like, are you saying this is a powder instead of a foundation?!

I found out about this product through my dearest YouTuber buddy, Lamuqe.
She was hired to film an online commercial for this product,
and she highly recommended it to me since she knew I have an extremely oily skin.
And she told me this is an ideal cushion product for oily skin type.
So yeah, without any doubt, I ordered it and tried out by my own!

Check out my video review and 12hrs wear test on YouTube!

14g / 18,000KRW (no refill included)


Packaging is rather plain and sleek for Etude House standard.
It's very slim and compact as well 
so I don't think any regular cushion foundations will be compatible for this cushion case.


3 Shades available
Light beige / Natural Beige / Honey Beige
I purchased Honey Beige which is described to be suitable for #23 skin.
However I found Honey Beige has an tanned-orange under tone.


The coverage is the bomb.
I'm actually impressed Etude House is coming up with almost full coverage foundations.
Etude House Double Lasting Foundation blew me away with the coverage,
(Click here to read the review for that product)
but Etude House Real Powder Cushion yet again blew my mind with nearly perfect coverage.

Texture & Finish

This is just 100% powder.
Like a legitimate powder in a cushion compact!
I couldn't sense any fluidity in this product to be honest and it shocked me at first.
So as soon as you apply it it will dry to down fast to a powder with a matte finish.
I think a lot of people who have oily skin will thank this product.
The consistency is very light-weight although it provides a gorgeous flawless complexion.
However I suggest not to apply more than one layer of this product
because I found it has tendency to look too overdone and cakey looking.


This product is definitely catered for oily skin types or anyone who lives in a hot climate.
FYI, this was the only product I could wear during my stay in Singapore.
It has a great staying power throughout high temperature and high humidity
which impressed me a lot.
That being said, Etude House Real Powder Cushion is more geared towards the Southeast Asian market.
I would definitely reach this product a lot during summer time!


Just because :) *wink wink*

I'm giving away one Etude House Real Powder Cushion in 'Light Beige'
and here are the rules to participate!

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2. Leave your region (where you live) and email address down below in the comment!

3. Comment in this post telling me what you would like to see more from this blog.


This giveaway is open internationally. 
One entry valid per person.
Ends on June 11th 2016 24:00 Korea time.
Regarding the winner announcement, I will leave a reply to the winner down below
on the 12th of June and contact you through the email address you left!

Good luck <3


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  2. San Diego (United States) ,

    Liah !! Hi~ what I'd like to see more of huh? Hmm.. Well first of all let me tell you I love reading your reviews of items and your traveling. I've been following your snapchat and I noticed you go exercising quite a bit! I would love to see blog posts of your exercise regime and food/recipes you eat !!!
    Always cheering you on Liah!

    - Love, Ann (Yena)

  3. I live in Rhode Island, United States. My E-mail address is

    I would like to see more face masks from this blog.

  4. I live in Malaysia. My email address is
    I would love to see more comparison videos on Korea roadshop products! maybe on foundation, cushion and lip products? or some vblog on ur fav hangout places? I love ur outfits (snapchat fam here!) , maybe you can do some fashion vids :)

    Love ya! fighting!

    1. Hi Cris! Thanks for entering the giveaway and congratulations for winning the contest!! I'll email you shortly :D

  5. I live in Sweden.
    I would like to see more comparison videos between east and west :)

    Thank u for an awesome blog, channel and have a wonderful day !!

  6. Hi! Thanks for the review. I'm in California and my email is I would love to see more Korean beauty new releases videos!

  7. Hi Liah! My name is Laura, my email address is laura_ioana13@yahoo,com, I live in Europe - Romania (I don't know if you knew you had such random viewers and readers :D), and I would love for you to have a section on perfumes. I am currently looking for a great perfume, so any recomendations would be great! :)

  8. Hi Liah! I currently live in Hong Kong (so sad you didn't do a meetup last time but will wait for your next trip here!) and my email is ^^ I love your product reviews and favorites posts the most. Would love to see more of those! Also, a while back, you made your top 5 favorite foundations, so maybe you could do the same for other categories of makeup!

  9. Hello Liah! I am currently in the US, specifically in an area where literally NO ONE will visit for a meet and greet. :'( (email Hoping that I can travel to Korea soon, since it just feels like I am missing out on so many makeup products (Ssin stealer, my goodness..). I noticed that you often wear really cute clothes when you film or blog. I'd like to see a post regarding your fashion taste, what you have been into lately (off the shoulder look is gorgeous on you!), and also where you purchase your clothes from. Thanks for being an awesome youtuber! :)

  10. Finland :) I would really love to try this one!

  11. Hello!! I'm from Germany :) And i love your videos so so much! ♥ I would love to see the must-know brands from Korea and your favorite products from those brands :) (like a quick summary and review)

  12. Hi liah, I live in Indonesia, definitaly humid country! my email:
    I like your blog photos, it's pretty, clean, and elegant at the same time :)
    Product comparison will be fun because nowadays dupe product of high end brand is everywhere. and I also enjoy your videos, I saw you appear on get it beauty and going to Dubai with ssin. Please do collab on your video more often ^^

  13. Bloglovin: Petra Black (petrablack)
    I'm from Croatia :)
    And my email is

    I'd love to see some summer make up ideas or something more about Korean cosmetics :)

  14. I'm Yvonne Heart Valle from Philippines!
    Email add is
    Nice review tho. 😃
    Waiting for more korean skin care reviews!! 😁

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  16. Hi Liah, I'm from New Jersey and my email is
    I would like to see more posts about cute limited edition collaborations in Korean makeup brands such as Apieu x Rilakkuma (releasing in a few days) and the face shop kakao friends collection! Thanks for the review^^~

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    I would love to see more comparisons of K-beauty vs European vs US products - e.g. comparing bb cushions, eyeliners, etc! Thanks!!!!!!!!!

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    I would like to see more posts comparing products from various countries and how long-lasting they are for the different seasons!

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  20. This seems like such an awesome product! I follow on bloglovin- username: mmstarla // and I live in Georgia, USA. I would love to see your Summer weather/ hot weather must haves! starla.bates(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

  21. I am from Romania and I would love to see more makeup reviews !
    Thank you !

  22. Hi, I'm Gladys from Indonesia. Thank you for your review. I want to ask you what was the product that you applied on your face before applying this real powder bb cushion? Thank you

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