I've been introducing and reviewing so many different Korean BB Cushions 
and many of you have been asking for some cushion recommendations to wear in summer!
So I gathered a couple of my favourite ones that are long lasting, humidity-proof, summer-proof!
So here we go :D

I highly recommend you to watch the video above 
since I show the demo of applying each cushion foundations.
You can get the idea of the colour tone and the finish of each cushions.

SPF 50+ PA+++
'Honey Beige'
18,000KRW (No spare refill included)

Dedicated review post - click here.
Dedicated video review - click here.

Etude House definitely disrupted the cushion market with a new formula.
It has a unique liquid -to-powder formula which dries down to a powdery finish as soon as you apply it.
This cushion is definitely geared to target South East Asian market where it's hot and humid.
I thoroughly enjoyed wearing this during my stay in Singapore as well!
It provides almost a full coverage with a light-weight consistency 
and it won't disappoint you with the staying power.


Innisfree Long Wear Waterproof Cushion
SPF 50+ PA+++
#23 True Beige
12,000KRW for the refill + 8,000KRW for the cushion case + 2,000KRW for the puff
= 22,000KRW for the full set

This is my very first time using a waterproof foundation or a cushion.
Innisfree Long Wear Waterproof Cushion provides a complete sweat-proof, waterproof property.
It does control the oil well and it won't smudge even though you work out in this.
I found it a little bit hard to blend the product on to your face.
I think a good way to describe the application is, it feels like I'm blending a sticky note on my face.
It applies really tacky but sets to a matte finish.
Innisfree's shades always tend to run a light lighter so be aware of that!
The coverage is low to medium. Good enough to even out and brighten the complexion.
Make sure you thoroughly cleanse off all the waterproof factor by the end of the day since it can clog your pores.


SPF 50+ PA+++
32,000KRW (No spare refill included)

VDL Expert Metal Cushion Foundation provides a cooling effect with the metal plate inside.
You basically squeeze out the product though the metal plate 
and apply it with a cushion puff applicator.
This guy provides a decent coverage with a matte finish.
However I found this slightly drying than other matte foundations/cushions I own. 
So it might not be a best candidate for other skin types besides who has extremely oily skin.


SPF 50+ PA+++
#2 Water Beige
45,000KRW (with a spare refill)

Lirikos Marine Collagen Cushion Moisture creates a beautiful film on top of your skin
which makes you look like you're born with a good skin naturally.
It blurs out all the pores, uneven skin texture and the coverage is decent enough to cover most of the imperfections as well.
I highly recommend this to those who has pore concerns because this won't accentuate the pores by any chance!
It doesn't cling in the fine lines or pores by the end of the day so you'll still look very fresh and natural.
Gorgeous semi-matte finish.
This has been one of my go-tos lately!


SPF 50+ PA+++
28,000KRW (No spare refill included)

Dedicated video review - click here.

Moonshot Microfit Cushion AKA G-Dragon Cushion is one of my recent favourites as well.
If you watched my review, you'll know that I mentioned this as a cheaper alternative to
YSL Le Cushion Encre de Peau.
It provides a semi matte finish with beautiful subtle sheen. 
And the consistency is light-weight as well and yet gives you a hydrating feel.
This cushion also makes your skin to appear naturally smoother.
It won't get cakey even though you slather on a couple of layers with this cushion.
This is not exactly sweat-proof but it definitely caters wide ranges of skin types.


SPF 50+ PA+++
#23 Medium Beige
65,000KRW (with a spare refill)

Absolutely beautiful cushion foundation.
If you're in late 20s and above, and you don't mind spending on a high-end cushion, this is IT!
Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening contains numerous natural ingredients such as 
white magnolia extract, ginseng, pearl powders etc.
So this is pretty much a skincare + makeup all in one.
Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening also provides a flawless, healthy-glowing skin.
This might be the least matte cushion among the recommendations, 
but I found this to be long-lasting in warmer weather as well.
I love the fact Sulwhasoo has diverse ranges of shades as well :)


SPF 50+ PA+++
30,000KRW (with a spare refill)

I remember going through so many of this Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion last year
since this was one of the very first matte cushions that's designed for oily skin.
But since now we have so many matte cushions to choose from, 
it is true that this guy has been a little neglected.
It has an unique peachy undertone to it which helps brightening your complexion.
This cushion provides high coverage, matte finish, hence the name itself!
 It's a great summer cushion but I found it could  get cakey easily when you pile up the layers.

That was all for my Korean cushion recommendations for summer. 
Let me know what your favourite cushion is at the moment below :) 



  1. Gotta love that new Etude House's cushion, it has this kind of luxurious vibe unlike their Precious Mineral cushions :D

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  2. Hi! Love your blog! Would you mind comparing Hera Ultra Moisture and Lirikos Marine Collagen Moisture, pretty please? In terms of hydration, coverage, and how natural skin-like it is? Thanks a million and forever grateful!

  3. Hi, would like to try the Lirikos cushion. I will be visiting Seoul soon, do you know where I can buy this brand? Thanks!

  4. I had tried Sulwhasoo but it smedge terribly in Singapore weather.
    Especially the eye area, it appears different lines on the eye lid.
    Which one is more suitable for Singapore?
    Thank you

    1. You should try hanyul luminescent. It does well in Malaysia.

  5. Hi! love your reviews!!

    may i know if the microfit cushion refill fits any other cushion cases?
    and also if the missha geumsul refill fits any other cases?

    thank you so much! i wanna try the cushions but idw to waste money on getting the cases as i alr have a few!

    1. oh and also for the lirikos marine collagen refills!!! so sorry for having so many questions, rlly keen to try all your faves!!!

      thank u!!

  6. Hi :) after reading your reviews, I decided to get the Innisfree Long Wear one. (I sweat a lot around my nose!)
    When you described it as "blending with a sticky note", I wondered what in the world that could mean, but after trying it, I think that's the most accurate description I've ever related with. LOL. Exactly like patting a sticky pad on your face.

  7. Thank you very much for your review! Really loving it :) I would like to request you to review the Clio cover kill founwear cushion. I heard this one is totally good!

  8. Hi, I would like to know where can I get Lirikos compact foundation in Seoul or Busan as I can't find it in Myeongdong or Aritaum. Thanks in advance.

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