The number one thing I do whenever I'm visiting a new city is googling 
"The best coffee shops in ____."
Coffee snobs can understand that having a decent coffee in a foreign city is a priority, right?
So here I thought I would share you guys some of my favourite coffee shops to explore while you're visiting Seoul.

On Ne Sait Jamais

On Ne Sait Jamais is a french phrase that translates as "You never know."
There's no sign on the wall to this public bathhouse-like blue bath tiled dessert cafe, 
but people are buzzing around this cafe.
Desserts like Italian tiramisu, original montblanc, banana scoop are the most popular dessert menu here
along with an enchanting taste of acid coffee. 


One of the best coffee roasteries in Seoul. I always get my beans here.
The espresso based coffees have various tones of tastes 
and the quality of the coffee has always been perfectly consistent.

Manufact Coffee
(Queen mama Market 4F)

The interior of the coffee shop will make you feel like you're in some sort of coffee factory.
Their cold brew coffees are reasonably priced and you have a variety to choose from!

One in a Million

This bright and breezy cafe in the middle of Hannam-dong instantly became one of my go-tos.
The white and pink accent just makes it so right.
Ask for another espresso shot in your coffee if you prefer it strong.

Cafe Double Life

This petite coffee shop with a vintage vibe provides you a perfect getaway from the busy district.
Located in a discrete alley way in Kyungridan-gil just makes the coffee shop like a hidden gem.
The tight and dense foam on top of cappuccino is absolutely delightful.

Tiger Espresso

If you want some decent flat white in Seoul, this place might satisfy your craving.
This tiny espresso bar knows what they're doing.

Cafe Grasse

I often visit Cafe Grasse for their Creamy latte which is a must try!
Half of the cup is served with whipped cream-like textured milk foam and it just tastes heavenly!
The cute marble decored interior makes the place instagram worthy as well.

Public Mansion 55

This coffee shop is located in a residential neighborhood 
so if you feel like you need a break from the city, this place will be your oasis.
The owner is a dearest friend of mine and knowing that she puts her heart and soul running this cafe,
it just makes a cup of coffee extra special. 
They source their coffee beans from Dukes Coffee Roasters —Melbourne's award winning coffee shop —and their freshly squeezed juice tastes better than Joe the Juice! :)
Seasonal dessert menus are a must try as well.

Besides the ones I mentioned, here are the full list of coffee shops in Seoul I recommend you to visit!

  • Chansbros Coffee 
  • Rubrica
  • Independent coffee
  • The brown spoon
  • TRI bar
  • Mon Chou Chou (Roll cake)
  • Coffee Arco
  • C27 (Cheese Cake)
  • Banana Tree
  • Art C Company 
  • Croffin
  • Passion5 (Bakery Cafe)
  • Lovesu Coffee
  • Behind 
  • Cafe de Paris 
  • Peer Coffee (Gallery Cafe)
  • Zagmachi
  • Dore Dore
  • Frank (Rainbow roll)
  • Takeout drawing 
  • By92 (Tart)
  • Serengetea
  • Coffee Libre
  • Lusso Lab
  • Coffee Lab
  • Proper coffee bar
  • Oh Lolly Day (Rooftop cafe)


  1. Thank you Liah for this post. Hopefully I can visit them someday :)

  2. do you know what days oneinamillion is open? thanks!

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