Here's one of the most hyped up cushion makeup product,

I personally wondered what the hype was all about, so I decided to give it a try!

15g / 28,000KRW (Price varies on each e-commerce sites for some reason!)

Interesting fact was that the cushion sponge inside wasn't completely soaked with foundation.
Once you dab the puff applicator, the product comes out from the bottom.
It reminded me of how Bobbi Brown Capsule Cushion works as well.
The applicator itself was actually thicker and softer than the normal blue puff we know.
I felt like this puff picks up more product though.


I was surprised to see some amazing ingredients in the list such as Niacineamide which helps brightening your skin, Adenosine which helps firming, along with numerous fruit extracts.
But it does contain PEG compounds which can cause irritations to some skin.


21 Light Beige
22 Pink Beige
23 Natural Beige


April Skin Magic Snow Cushion is known for it's high coverage.
And I do agree it provides high to nearly full coverage that you won't even need a concealer.
It perfectly conceals every single spots on your face which can make your face appear a bit... FLAT.
So I highly recommend doing some subtle contouring to revive that facial definition.

Texture & Finish

I tried to sheer this product out a couple of times varying the application methods,
but nothing really seemed to make this look natural on skin.
So I had to deal with a full face of overdone-looking makeup a couple of days 
and people I met pointed out my makeup doesn't look natural or
 they would straight comment on that my makeup looks too thick.
Because this is heavy on your skin, I wanted to remove this cushion foundation as soon as I applied.
So be aware of that!
Regarding the finish, it gives a semi matte finish that's more catered towards oilier skin types.


A lot of people who have severe acne problem seem to like this product for its coverage.
So if coverage is your only criteria on choosing a foundation or a BB cream,
this might work for you.
But besides the preference towards the coverage, this will appear very cakey on your skin, and we don't want that...
In a nutshell, I don't want you guys to waste your money on this item 
as there are so many other better cushion makeup in the market.


  1. Awesome stuff right there, been using this too for quite sometime and liking the results! I also found a before and after photos here - you guys might want to check how nice it is

  2. It works to fade the dark spots and pigments present on the skin. This helps to treat the skin issues without causing irritation or inflammation to your skin.brown spots on thighs


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