It's no secret that I'm obsessed with all sorts of foundations.
I came across Etude House Double Lasting Foundation recently,
which promises to provide 24hr lasting power.
and I'm here to break it down for you!

Check out my video review above!

SPF 34 PA++
30G / 18,000KRW


Available in 5 different shades (Fair / Vanilla / Beige / Sand / Tan)
I'm #23 in Korean foundations and NC25-30 in MAC.
I purchased 'Tan' for this Etude House Double Lasting Foundation
and it's yet a touch lighter than my skin tone but it oxidizes throughout the day.


This foundation is packaged in a frosted glass bottle,
and I was surprised to see that Etude House didn't go crazily princessy with this foundation.
Thankfully, you can dispense the product through a pump!


It does have a strong floral fragrance which bothers me quite a bit while applying,
but the scent fades away in an hour.


MIND BLOWING COVERAGE I would have to say,
Etude House Double Lasting Foundation provides FULL coverage.
I barely need a concealer when I'm using this foundation.
The formula is highly pigmented that it creates a flawless complexion
with only one or two layers depending on personal skin condition.

Texture & Finish

Consistency is fluid and light-weight and is so easy to blend into your skin
with whatever applicator you use.
HOWEVER, despitethe texture being watery and light-weight,
it doesn't necessarily mean this foundation is going to look natural on skin.
I found that it can look a little bit too build up by applying with a makeup sponge 
since it's already so pigmented.
I recommend applying with Real techniques Buffing Brush
or a round kabuki brush like Sigma F82
for a natural, airbrushed finish.
The finish is semi matte with a luminous, but not excessively dewy.
I found it could be a little bit drying for dry skin types
so I suggest mixing this foundation with a moisturizer 
or apply a hydrating primer underneath!

Staying Power

Etude House has done a clinical test with this foundation
and proved that it lasts for 24 hours on skin.
You can watch my video review to see how exactly it develops throughout the day.
But I'm pretty content with the longevity
and am impressed by its ability to hold the coverage for the entire day.
Of course like any other foundations,
it requires a few touch ups if you have quite oily skin like me.
However I didn't experience this foundation wearing off or clinging/clogging on to my pores.
The major con though, is that this foundation oxidizes to a weird olive or ashy yellow color
that makes you look quite tired and dead by the end of the day.


I'm quite satisfied with this purchase and for the side note,
Etude House Double Lasting Foundation is probably the only foundation
that lasted on my skin during my Hong Kong trip.
When oily skin meets humidity, it's like HELL.
But this Etude House Double Lasting Foundation did a decent job on still managing to stay all day.
And luckily my skin wasn't irritated by using this foundation.

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  1. do you recommend this or the big cover bb?

  2. I'm wondering about your Mac shade as in one of your previous post where you reviewed pony's seamless foundation, you said you were NW 25 but here you say NC 25-30. Thank you so much for your awesome review by the way!

  3. How would you compare this to the Big Cover version? The Big cover ver is a little heavy on dry on my oily skin so I would like to know what would you think about this compared to that. Tq

  4. I doubt Tan is NC25 btw. I'm NC18-20 (Urban Decay 3.25N) and Tan is too light for me. It's like an NC15 to be honest. The foundation is pretty decent especially for its price but honestly it's 6 shades of white lol. Amber, the newest and darkest shade, is a perfect match for me. I reckon the shade range is from NW5 to NC20 max.


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