"It's not a cushion! It's a liquid foundation."
An intriguing foundation with a layer of mesh on top that comes with a 'STAMPING' sponge
 just hit the Korean foundation market,
and online is buzzing all over about this particular product. 
And yes, I immediately needed to try it out myself.

Clio Kill Cover Stamping Foundation
17g / 32,000KRW

Watch my video review here


The concept of this foundation is quite interesting. 
I mean, it sounds like a perfect marriage of a cushion foundation and a liquid foundation.
You literally squeeze out the product through a layer of plastic net 
by stamping the makeup sponge right onto it.
So it's not only easier to have a control with the foundation 
but Clio also promises it provides a professional makeup finish.
So the idea of this product was actually inspired by 
makeup artists using their back of the hands as a palette 
to prep the foundation. 


3 shades available.
Lingerie / Linen / Ginger
and I purchased the Ginger shade which is describe to be a match for #23 skin.


Okay it's supposed to be 'Kill Cover' right?
But where's the coverage...
All of the liquid foundations from Clio pretty much guarantees to have decent coverage,
but the coverage for this is low to medium. 
It does a decent job at covering up the rednesses, however it seems like it's impossible to 
conceal hyper-pigmentation and discoloration like acne scars.
I had to use a concealer for those spots.

Texture & Finish

I would respectfully disagree to its marketing line and be like
"This is not a liquid foundation, It's a CREAM foundation!"
Clio Kill Cover Stamping foundation is a 100% thick cream type formula
and I'm not fond of it at all.
I think the cream foundation inside really deflected from the purpose of this foundation.
A. The foundation doesn't dispense as you wish...
; Since it's a thick cream type, you need to put a lot of pressure to stamp the product.
and weirdly the products are mainly squeezed out around the rim which drives me crazy.
B. This cream has a super matte finish. 
; So it's so hard to blend because the foundation sets right away as you apply it.
The stamping sponge helps thinning out the formula a bit,
but since the finish is super matte, I found it really hard to blend.


I'm rooting for Clio for trying to merge two different types of foundation in one.
However there's still room for improvement.
The foundation itself is very average.
Nothing really stood out to be mind blowing but nothing really sucked as well.
It would be a decent foundation if you're living in a warm/humid climate.

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