For oily skin girls, a news about a powder pact release is just, HELL YEAH!
Pony Effect Skin Fit Powder Pact is a pressed powder that provides high coverage.
Find out my opinion on this product by reading this post!

SPF 25 PA+++ / 8g / 28,000KRW

There are 5 different shades to choose from.
You can go from as light as Fair to as dark as Nude Beige depending on your tone & color.
The name for the shades are exactly identical to Pony Effect Seamless Foundation shades,
but go for a shade lighter with powder as it's noticeably darker than the foundation.


I thought Pony decided to include 'Cushion foundation' in her range until I saw this was actually a powder pact.
It's packaged in a durable, mirrored gold compact.
Slim, sleek and travel friendly.
It's double layered like a lot of powder pacts. 
It has powder layer and the applicator storage layer individually,
which makes it ideal to carry around.


The texture is something that actually turned me off.
It's quite thick and noticeable on skin, especially when you apply it with the applicator that comes with.
This is definitely not an everyday   blotting the shine  kinda powder pact.
If you apply this on top of a foundation layer, it will look cakey.
I would rather say Pony Effect Skin Fit Powder Pact is more for
who wants a powder foundation with high coverage.
I suggest you to wear a lightweight CC cream underneath 
and layer this on top to give more coverage and set your makeup.


Pony Effect Skin Fit Powder Pact is a highly pigmented pressed powder.
I find that you can control the coverage by different applicators.
Go for a sponge applicator for maximum coverage,
or go for a fluffy powder brush for sheer coverage.


Unfortunately, this is not a fragrance-free powder.
So if you tend to have sensitivity towards scents, you should stay away from this!


The claim that's supposed to be a hydrating powder pact, which I didn't buy it initially, was not accurate at all. 
The consistency is too thick, 
and it's definitely something that I would use for a setting or either blotting powder.
It's just one of the powders you see in drugstores but with much higher price tag.
I think it's safe to say just skip it, unless you want an alternative to your current powder foundation.

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