Pony Effect released a new face makeup range.
It excites me every time a brand releases a new makeup product,
but nothing excites me more than when a brand releases a new foundation, powder and even a makeup sponge. 
Here's what I have to say about her new releases after testing it out for a few days.

Pony Effect Seamless Foundation 
SPF 25 / PA++ / 30ml / 32,000KRW


I was so stoked when I saw - finally - a diverse range of shades, especially from a Korean makeup brand.
You can choose from 5 different shades; Fair / Rose Ivory / Natural Ivory / Rose Beige / Nude Beige
 depending on your tone & color.
Just for a reference, my MAC shade is NW25 and I chose Nude Beige with Pony Effect Seamless Foundation.
The shade is still a little brighter than my actual skin tone but it darkens and matches perfectly throughout the day.


So internet has been going crazy over the packaging saying how chic and beautiful it is.
Yes I agree, they are designed very slim, simple and sleek.
But all the rose gold cap and print reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury's signature rose gold design…a lot!
And may I say the packaging looks exactly the same as Hourglass Immaculate Foundation as well as my favorite primer of all time, Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer?
The pump, the proportion, the size is identical to Hourglass bottles.

Please check out my video review to see the performance.


You can maximize or sheer out the coverage by using a different applicator in conjunction to this foundation.
But I would say it's generally medium coverage that will combat your dull under eyes, acne scarring.
However it's not the best when it comes to covering redness, active blemishes.
I didn't find the coverage is buildable by layering.


It's very fluid, thin, and a gel-serum formula.
It does go on ultra light weight.


I experimented with both dry Pebble Blender as well as a damp Pebble Blender.
Dry sponge intensifies the coverage to medium high for sure while leaving a flat matte finish.
Damp sponge sheers out the coverage to medium and gives you a healthy sheen.
As it can be quite matte, I recommend you to exfoliate your skin well before the use.


It does oxidize in a few hours but it doesn't turn you to a weird orange look.
The shades are pretty bright when you first apply it but it settles to a natural beige at the end of the day.
It lasts a decent amount of hours without a touch up.
I would say 6 hours max with my oily skin.
Even though my skin gets really shiny after 6 hours, the makeup itself is well kept in place.
You can prolong the wear to last the entire day with one or two touch ups.


I give 7.5 out of 10 points.
It was nice to see a Korean brand stepping up the foundation game to international standard
but I still think there are better foundations out there.
After all those Korean dewy look crazes,
finally Pony decided to release a long wearing matte foundation
and people seem to really enjoy the rather new formula in Korean market.
I have a feeling that Pony was definitely inspired by a lot of foundations in Sephora.
Getting the perfect fluid consistency, and making a pigmented formula, and making the longevity unbeatable
really reminds me of a lot of international foundations but not a single Korean foundation.
If you're curious, why not give it a shot?

Soon to come...
- Pony Effect Skin Fit Powder Pact review.
- Pony Effect Pebble Blender review.


  1. i think it become such a bomb just bc Pony is the creator and use it a lot in her videos lol
    the branding does it job XD
    but hey the quality looks pretty decent i should give it a try sometime ,kkk~


  2. hi there,
    Where would I be able to purchase pony effect makeup in Seoul? :)

  3. it's gorgeous . i wanna grab.


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