The one step in my skin care routine that I'll invest the most time is my cleansing routine.
Cleansing routine is the most basic yet essential step in your skin care routine.
One sturdy cleansing routine can substantially enhance your skin texture and make it glow.
Check out my current cleansing gears I can't live without!

400ml / 9.99AUD / 4.99GBP  

I have been testing out a few different cleansing waters in the past,
but this was my first time experiencing a cleansing water that actually soothes and hydrates your skin at the same time.
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is one of the most gentlest cleansing water which is designed for sensitive skin and makes it beloved by all different skin types.
This product effectively removes your face makeup with two sheets of cotton pads.
By the way, if you're wearing heavy waterproof eye makeup,
I recommend you to also incorporate using Garnier Eye Makeup Remover!
Always nice to see drugstore brands really stepping up their game :)

150ml (5oz) / 39USD 

Then I move on to rinsing away any makeup residues by using cleansing oil or a cream.
But ever since I found this one of the most beloved items at Sephora,
I've been using it as an replacement for any cleansing oils.
You might think the mud-to-foam formula of Glamglow Thirstycleanse strange at first,
but it easily turns into a foaming lather.
I'm blown away by how gently removes dirt and impurities
while leaving my skin feeling deeply moisturized.

125ml / 9.99AUD

Now you might be freaked out with the amount of cleansing products I use at once.
YES, I do finish off with another cleanser!
Last step of my cleansing routine is using a hydrating cleanser to get rid of any possible impurities
and keep the skin soft, clean, and moisturized.
This is already my second time purchasing Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser,
and I really fell in love with its product that I want to try more from their range!

1.7oz / 50ml / 69USD

After I finish my entire cleansing routine, I follow up by exfoliating my skin once or twice a week.
This Glamglow Youthmud is a wash off clay mask designed to provide gentle resurfacing exfoliation.
I wasn't really wowed by this product until I actually had really bad skin rashes once. 
I tried every mask, cream, soothing products etc to calm my face down
but nothing seemed to work but this guy.
After 10 minutes of application, my skin was a lot smoother, brighter and softer. 
Also the rashes were pretty much gone the following morning.
Ever since, I've been only reaching this product whenever I experience a weird skin day.
So this product is not only exfoliating but also wonderful at soothing and cooling down your skin!


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  1. Hi there!! I love all your recommendations cos they r so perfect for my skin type. I have just started to catch up with Korean skincare routine, could u pls also help me with a toner which u use?

    Thank you!!


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