I just recently decluttered my makeup collection and did some little re-organizing.
Here's some simple makeup storage and organizer ideas you can get inspired from.

Coffee tray for your perfume collection.

Perfume bottle itself makes a bit statement to your makeup vanity.
So make sure you place them on the top shelf for a simple decor.
I bought this vintage coffee/tea tray at a flea a few years back and transforming it into a super precious perfume organizer beats covering with coffee mugs.

Old packaging/case your cushion foundation collection.

Let's be honest. It's really hard to store multiple cushions at once.
They take up a lot of space in your vanity, and it always seems so hard to find a perfect organizer to store them.
The storage you see on the left is an old packaging from HERA WHITE PROGRAM POWDER AMPOULE.
What a score, cushions fit perfectly into the case.
So don't throw away your any sturdy packaging you get from a watch case, iPhone case and etc.

Daiso acrylic holder for your lipstick collection.

Daiso is a dollar shop you can find easily in your location.
They often have a really good gem such as this lipstick holders for only $3.
They're made out of acrylic and perfectly holds up to 9 lip products.

Dessert glasses for your everyday essentials.

I repurposed one of the dessert glassware we have and no longer use.
I love storing lip balms, hand cream, or body lotion that I use every night before I go to bed.
You can also place this on your bedside table.
You can substitute these glasses with mason jars, old candle, or any kitchenware!


You don't need extra bucks to create a beautiful makeup storage.


  1. Your vanity is so neat and clean :)

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  2. Thank you for sharing the storage ideas! I like to keep my stuffs organized and clean as well :D



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