I'm sure by now you're familiar to the cushion foundation trend, now your question is, WHATS SUITABLE FOR YOUR SKIN? Here's another option for you added just recently by Laneige!

I've came across so many cushion foundations, including AmorePacific, HERA, IOPE, Laneige, Verite and Espoir. (don't quote me on ├ętude house, my skin gets easily disrupted by any ├ętude house products) You can see the full review and comparisons here and an associating video down below.

Korea BB / CC Cushion Foundations Demo and Review

Among all those tries, my favorite remains to Verite UV Multi Cushion for high coverage and Laneige BB Cushion Whitening for the dewiness. Now that the weather has changed and the Verite discontinued their older cushion foundation which I was obsessed about, the release of Laneige BB Cushion PORE CONTROL made me more than thrilled. The exact launch date was 1st of May. Fresh, yeah?

Now you maybe confused, and yes they released three different types of their BB Cushion so far. In chronological order of release date.
- Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control

I had a chance to try out the pilot version beforehand the launch, and ever since then I was patiently waiting for its launch date. The full packaging blew my mind. The top of the casing was BLUE! Which was just appropriate for its name. The refill is compatible with the WHITENING cushion.
- Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control Full pack comes with a case and a complementary refill pack 37,000KRW
- Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control Refill pack 19,000KRW

What's different from the original Laneige BB Cushion Whitening
- Matte finish, higher coverage, pore controlling element and long lasting property. Better for oily skin. 

Foundation Routine featuring the Laneige BB Cushion Whitening 

First impression
FREAKIN AMAZING! Everything's really similar to the Verite UV Multi Cushion, the coverage, the consistency and all that. The only difference I detect is that Laneige one is more cooler toned while the Verite one is more yellow based. 

The only available colors in Korea is from brightest to darkest, 13, 14, and 21 Natural Beige which I went for. I'm sure they will come out with more shade selections possible in the states or in other Asian countries. But I do feel like they need to step up the game with more colour variations. 

Medium to high. Its very impressive for Laneige foundation as most of their foundations were only sheer to medium. It's definitely buildable but I don't want to recommend you to layer on more. There's a possibility of getting into fine lines or being caked up when it's applied more than twice layers. But a single layer provides you just enough coverage that gets you satisfied. I suggest you incorporate with a concealer if needed.
I don't have big pores but with a single layer my pores are invisible! 

The funny or the cool thing is that it has a cooling sensation that really stands out from any other competitors. It feels refreshing on your skin. Not that the cooling feeling stays on for awhile.
It's not necessarily light weight but it totally depends on whether you're using a light hand or not. Once I dabbed more than necessary and it really felt heavy and uncomfortable on the skin. Now I transfer a sheer layer to my face and it does feel light. 

I can tell you that it is long lasting that any other cushion foundations. It doesn't become any patchy or caked up so far that I experienced. But i will need to test it out more in warmer months.

What is your favorite cushion foundation? Are you excited about this new product? :)


  1. I've only used IOPE so far and was going to try Etude House, but after reading what you said, I might have to rethink that LOL. This has an amazing finish on you and really evens out your complexion. I can't remember if I've swatched Laneige Cushion before somewhere though and found the smell to be a little bit too strong compare to IOPE but I definitely will check this out again. Thanks for the insight!

    Donah @ SweetJellyBean

  2. My fav cushion is Hera but pore control sounds so good :) Did u ever try Hera? :)

  3. I always loved to try this one, but I discovered the Innisfree one first, and so it's difficult for me to change!! I really like the result, yout skin look so bright and luminous!

  4. The last picture is SO pretty unni! What camera do you use? :)

  5. Wow, I'll have to try this out sometime. It looks amazing! Your skin looks flawless!
    You look beautiful as always!

  6. how does the new verite cushion compare to the old one??

  7. so do you recommend this over the new verite cushion?

  8. have you tried the new verite cushion, i'm thinking of buying this? can you do a new comparison on this and other newer cushion foundations?

  9. I have never tried cushion foundation! I like the idea of it since the packaging is so simple and travel friendly. Thanks for sharing it in the video. I wanna try the IOPE :D


  10. This is freaking awesomee!! Can I know if this is the latest one?

  11. I loved your YouTube review on all the different cushion foundations! I've tried to Iope one but it dried my skin out too much :( Since the weather is getting warmer and sunnier, did your feelings towards the Laneige cusion foundation change? (Does it come off easier in the heat, etc.)



  12. Liah, your photos are so clear! :D What camera do you use?
    I never tried laneige BB cushion, but it seems a good product!
    Your skin is amazing ^^

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  13. I just purchased Laneige's BB cushion and I adore it so far :) I'll definitely be trying out their other products~
    Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

  14. Are you sure you're not 4Minute's Jihyun? Hahaha

  15. What do you think lirikos uv water cushion?

  16. Liah, I really love your youtube videos which are so amazing! I have fair skin, i wonder which color number would you recommend for laneige bb cushion and laneige cc cream? Your foundation routine is inspiring and I want to try it, so the cc cream should be in lighter shade?


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