It's not a surprise to learn that your cleanser is the most important product in your skin care regimen. Perhaps many people forget about how damaging your cleanser can be to your skin when you choose the wrong cleanser for your own needs.
There are many kinds of cleansers out there. However only a very few lives up to my expectation. I have normal to oily skin which I know the oil balance is crucial to stay away from possible blemishes. Having an oily skin doesn't mean that you're skin isn't dehydrated as well. So a cleanser that keeps the moisture locked in your skin is very appreciative. I try to stay away from cleansers that lather up too much and strip out everything including my natural oils. With those types of cleansers, it only makes my skin worse by taking away the natural oil, breaking the ph balance. The skin starts to produce more oils to find the balance, therefore more pimples. 

Speaking of skin ph level, you should know what acid mantle is and how it is so easy to be disrupted by alkaline cleansers. Acid mantle is a barrier that protects your skin from the exposed environment. It can fight germs, dust and bacterial from the air. And as it is an ACID mantle, it means it can be neutralized by alkaline products and even worse be destroyed. I recommend you check out here to learn more about the acid mantle and the skin ph level. 

I know many of you who has oily skin craves for a cleanser that makes you feel proud of yourself by achieving that 'tightened your pore' feeling. Trust me, I've been there and was all obsessed over those tightening cleanser. I didn't realize until I was getting blemishes due to the breakage of my skin ph balance. And the cleansers I used in the past was just there to take away my natural oils on my surface. My skin developed to be more sensitive as my acid mantle was being disrupted by the products I used.

IOPE Ideal Cleansing Foam Creamy Moisturizer is already my new BFF with my skin. It's sulphate free, mineral oil free, more importantly it's a slightly acidic quality type. It is also formulated with hyaluronic acid and glycerine which you know it's great for hydrating your. This cleanser really works to balance your skin ph level and it really smoothes you skin by helping to rejuvente. But on the contrary, it does contain PEG-14M(Polyethylene Glycol) and Phenoxyethanol so if your skin is sensitive to those two or just want to avoid, this might not be the IDEAL cleansing foam for you.

I have used it for about a good 3 weeks by now, and all I can tell is, this didn't break me out or ripped my skin. It's a sheer gel type consistency and it feels really gentle on my skin.

I can go on and on with my favorite cleansers. I will be posting a few good Korean cleansers later that helps you balance your oil balance. :) In the meanwhile, what's your facial wash of the choice?

* This is the only link you can buy it off internationally. Click here.


  1. I think Phenoxyethanol is a better preservative compared to parabens so I guess it's okay for me. Ah, I wonder when IOPE is gonna arrive in Malaysia.
    As for right now, my favourite cleanser would be Laneige White Plus Renew Bubble Cleanser and it's been going great so far but it hasn't been on my favourite list yet. hehe
    By the way, do you use this as day and night cleanser?
    Love, Mira |

  2. I used iope's enzyme powder treatment wash with high anticipation, it is moist but...
    but it made my pores larger and I can't get back to my old little pores:((

  3. I have oily skin so I'm a little scared to try this...but it's so tempting...gah!

    Beauty Challenged

    1. I have super oily skin too and i love this! I feel a little less oily, and i only say a little less because im living in Korea and its so humid that i feel im the appropriate amount of greasy for the weather haha. It has also kept my skin from breaking out. moisture is good for oily skin. I was told that we have oil because its our skin telling us it needs more moisture.

  4. me also have oily skin so I'm a little scared to try this...but it's so tempting...gah!

    Natural Facial Cleansers

  5. Im tempted to buy it:) though Im still thinking whether to get this one or Laneige Foam Cleanser Moisture, can't decide >.<

  6. Hi,
    Thank you for your review, do you have the ingredients list for this cleanser as my skin is extremely sensitive, combination skin with redness and therefore I hope to read the ingredients list before purchasing. Thanks!

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  8. Onnie I know you have made videos on yout skincare routine but I had a question and I wanted to ask you for advice! I dont know why but for quite a while I keep getting좁쌀여드름like the small small bumpy things on my forehead and cheaks and Ive tried few products but none of them seem to be working.. So if you have ever used products which helped u get rid of the little white heads, could u share the products? It would mean soo much and I want to check it out!!

  9. I was wondering how this stacks up against Sulwhasoo's Foam Cleanser, which is also a clear gel-like foaming liquid.

  10. this CLEANSING FOAM is just superb , i like it .

  11. It is also good to consider this option, know whether your chosen moisturizer contains any exfoliating additives. Most facial moisturizers have salicylic acids and retinol as part of their ingredients. whitening cream for asians


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