Lately I've been loving the autumn weather not only because I finally can wear a sweater but also I'm now able to rock some of my favorite blushes! You know I've been minimizing my makeup in summer, I was dying to utilize my blushes :)

Laneige Professional Selection Blusher 01 Pink 
This stuff may look as a typical pinky mauve color but I guarantee that it flatters you when applied. It's very sexy to girly depending on the pigmentation level you choose. I personally load on a bit more to create a bold/sassy look!

This is a soft warm rosy color that makes you look blushing by the cold. I think a cute ombre lips goes well with this blush. Highly pigmented and it has a pleasant rosy scent in the tin! 

Yeah. It's the color of grapefruit pretty much, and it's a good option for cute or girly makeup. Even though it's fall, you will have some moments you want to pull off an adorable look and this is perfect for it. This lasts quite long on your checks I reckon and I found this color is very unique that you get questions a lot. 

This looks the least appealing at glance but I can never describe how amazing this blush is once on your cheeks! A tanned dusty mauve color really brightens up your face complexion and makes you look fairy. A great autumn/winter blush :)

The name of this color tells the product as its most. It's very ginger-like! To admit the fact, I probably would've passed right by it while at MAC. However once it on the cheeks, this warm natural not-quite-bronzer-like color that makes you look healthy (not tanned). It has a slight orange undertone but the tint is very sheer so if you dust it lightly, no one would even notice you have colors on your blush. 

What's your everyday autumn blush? Do you have any recommendations for me? :)


  1. Would love to try the laneige one. Thank you for your recommendation.

    visit my blog if you mid

  2. Ah I've been looking for a subtle blush color. MAC Gingerly sounds like a good option. Now to find a MAC store that carries it!

  3. That Etude House one has a lovely color! Nice recommendation :)


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