I don't know if you guys know but I recently came back from Perth, and I couldn't be bothered to film around, but I did have to take pictures of the meals I had! I am still not sure if this post would be interesting enough to you but I'll share here what I've had in Australia!
I spent my Friday night in a bar called Laneway in the city. It was very busy and full of people, the drinks were alright and I really loved the busy atmosphere there. :)

Standing Room Only Coffee
This is a little cafe in Haystreet, again in the city. I find it hard to have a great, decent coffee whenever I go to another country. Seems like the regular taste of the beans they use are different by each nation. And perth was one of those cities which was very hard for me to find a deep taste of Coffee, not to mention I'm not a big Gloria Jeans Coffee fan :p
But this little place which didn't have any seats, which made sense that it's called Standing Room ONLY, had the most delicious, and REAL coffee I had in the city. And the two cool barasitas are delightful and full of passion to deliver you the best cup of coffee.

Dragon Palace
I met up with Kim from Kimdaoblog (click here to go visit her blog!), and we headed to Northbridge to have some dim sum party! It's hard to have dimsum in Seoul, which I think they don't really have many restaurants serving dim sums in specialty. So whenever I go travel, hitting a dim sum place is a MUST for me.
According to Kim, this place is always busy and I could totally see why. This place's dim sum was pretty damn yummy and fills you up with a huge satisfaction.

Little Caesers Pizzeria
You can never miss this place if you visit Perth. It's an award winning pizza place which serves very unique pizza menus that you'll never taste from elsewhere. I was craving of this place's pizza after I enjoyed my first experience in June. I was thrilled to go back and try a new dish. Apparently they do half-half for large size pizza so that you can try more menu at once!
I always look forward to their dessert pizza more than their savoury ones. You might say 'A dessert on a pizza dough? Yuck!' because I was like that at the first time but the dessert pizza blew me away!

Matilda Bay Restaurant
I only reason I visited Perth was because my friend was having a wedding at this beautiful place, Matilda Bay Restaurant. I never knew Perth Swan River was this beautiful until I visited here! The view was phenomenal, the wedding was so pretty and the food was amazing!

I really love the Fremantle and Cottesloe Beach Area in WA. But surprisingly I never knew Australia had a good dish of Fish and Chips. I thought it was only UK! ;p I had a hearty dish of Seafood Platter at Kailis and the fish was very fresh and juicy!

This is pretty much self-explanitory. I haven't had Nandos chicken ever since I left London! It was great to have seen it in Perth and I just couldn't pass by. Peri-peri sauce was divine as always and I chose the level of HOT!

Bistro Guillaume
A french cuisine which is located inside of Crown Casino. The interior was very polished and the terrace view was amazing that you get to look at the swimming pool and the lovely palm trees. :) It would be a great option if you go out with your partner and you'll be happy with the service! The dish isn't something special but the atmosphere was unique!

That's pretty much all I had in Perth! Let me know if you like my Meals of the Week postings :-) and have a lovely weekend <3


  1. Liah, you just made me hungry lol ~

  2. You made me so hungry Liah eonni!! I hope you are well!

  3. Omg, Nandos. I'm not going to lie, they're chicken is gooood.

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