10 January 2013

My Updated Korean Skin Care Routine

Haiii!!! Do you believe that I haven't uploaded any updated skin care routine video for an year!!!! So shocking and it tells that howI'm so not loyal with skin care. Finally it's up anyway and please remind yourself skin care products help your skin but consuming healthy diets would affect your whole body and skin more that what you apply. The best thing that more than enough is WATER. I drink water a lot and I sucked at drinking water when I was younger but ever since I noticed a huge difference on my skin. No matter whatever skin type you might have, water is never harmless to you and your skin.

And here is my video on youtube. :) Be sure to watch it in 1080HD for the best viewing quality!

Products I use in my current skin care routine
- Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash
- LUSH Tea Tree Water
- IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning
- Skin&Lab Trouble Finish Essence (Vitamin B&K)
- IOPE Whitegen Ampule Essence
- Laroche Posay Effaclar Duo
- Naruko Narcissus Night Defense  Serum
- Artistry Time Defiance Lifting Eye Creme
- Innisfree Jeju Bija Trouble Care Lotion
- Hanyul Rick Effect Revitalizing Cream (Gokyul Jinaek Seodam Cream)
- Ciracle Red Spot Cream
- Innisfree Jeju Bija  Recover Gel
- Aritaum Honey Sheet Mask
- LUSH Fresh Face Mask 'Love Lettuce'


  1. The Hanyul cream is on amazon but it is $130 :(

    1. It's around $85ish in Korea...;(

    2. Twofacemall.com has it for 71.50

    3. I actually used the older version of the Seodam cream(simply called the Go Gyeol Jinaek cream then which was a thicker cream) and actually like it better. I know, most guys do not have dry skin, but I am the odd one out because I lived in Canada for a long while, and during those years there, my skin started developing dry patches in the harsh winters, although it tends towards the combination-oily side in more humid climes. I remember that the original older version was like 90,000won but now that it is updated to Seodam cream, it is cheaper and also feels lighter than the original version. Hanyul is the one Korean brand I swear by. I can switch to any other Korean brand for a while, but the satisfaction level which I get from my daily skincare or maintenance grooming is still the best with Hanyul, not to mention that they are good for sensitive skin too.

  2. Thank you so much for this, Liah! If you could convince your mom to share her beauty secrets, that would be awesome. I am 35 and in that in-between stage, suddenly unsure of how to keep taking care of my complexion and figure (it changes as you age, I'm sure you know).

    I'm a new reader/viewer; your videos are so well done! Bravo!

    1. Haha I will! Thank you so much for your suggestion! Bravo! :3

  3. Thanks for posting skin care routine related info . I was looking for this info all over the web.

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  5. Hey there! First of all, I just discovered your blog and I really love it! You've got a spectacular complexion and I love how detailed your product reviews are.

    I live in the US and I am obsessed with skin care, but I have really been wanting to start experimenting with some Korean skincare lines. I am wondering if you can recommend some good roadhouse brands. Have you had any experience using Nature Republic or Missha skin care products?

    Are there any specific lines you would recommend for someone in their 30s who is new to Korean skin care?


  6. Love your blog.

    I will be visiting Korea. Where can I buy the Hanyul cream in korea?

  7. I've noticed that Korean products are gaining popularity these days, thanks to rising Korean pop singers? Just kidding, are those available outside Korea? ~ clearclinic.com

  8. Uau! Amei seu blog, seu vídeo é O melhor da net! Sua pele é maravilhosa! Adorei sua rotina de cuidados com a pele. Muitos destes produtos não encontro no Brasil, mas consigo substituir alguns. O que você usa para aliviar a oleosidade (brilho na testa) da pele durante o dia?

    Muito obrigada por isso!
    Izabella Bandeira

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  13. Hi Lia, I am 29 and I have pimples and acne. Can you suggest anything which really works?

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  19. Hi Liah! Does Iope Bioessence Intensive Conditioning have a scent? The sample I have is odorless. Should it have a yeasty kind of smell like the SK II FTE? Thanks! :)

  20. Thank you so much for this video, Liah! I'm so desperate to fix my skin problems, but all the products people have recommended to me in the past were too harsh or too drying. I haven't seen any other gurus who have the three same problems I have– sensitive, dry, *and* acne-prone skin. I can't wait to try to products you recommended!

    Also, may I ask if you have any other recommendations similar to the Effaclar Duo? I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide, but I do want to try something that might have a similar effect.

  21. Can this really remove/lessen pimple marks, pimple scar? And where can i buy this? Thanks! :)))

  22. I am a huge supporter of natural organic food grade skin care, but an even bigger fan of making my own homemade skin care with organic food and food grade products in my kitchen. The organic almond pulp skin srub is one of the easiest ways to use and makes your skin glow.
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  23. Can you believe that at almost 24 (b-day next month) I'm only now learning about skincare? I've been looking these things up for weeks now and I still don't know what to buy. So yeah, this seems very complicated to me. I don't know where to start... At least I know my skin is sensitive, dry and prone to some spots (like yours).

    I often feel like other women had some super secret class about beauty that I missed. X)

    -A geeky woman in need of help.

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  25. Do u use any sunscreen in the morning? If yes, which one r u using? Or any recommendations from u? Thx for the lovely vid!

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  30. Hi Liah, you said Korean consumers are knowledgeable about their skincare ingredients. So what are currently the best ingredients for skin lightening in Korea? Could you mention some good Korean products for skin lightening without Hydroquinine. Thanks a ton for your guidance in advance.